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with your one wild and precious life?"

Sunday, April 10, 2016

National Siblings Day

I haven't heard of this day before, and wonder if it's a Facebook phenomenon, but it inspired my sister to post this old photo of us. She looks about three which would make me six and it's clear that I wholeheartedly believed in Santa Claus. Even though this Santa looks suspect to me now.

This picture of my girls warms my heart; they so clearly love each other. It was taken at my stepdaughter's wedding, four or five years ago. I just love it.

Still finishing off projects; this is the Shawl Collared Cowl, made out of Misty Alpaca Tonal. I haven't decided on the buttons, so opinions welcomed. These are pink, which add some color.

But these are a bit more classic looking to me, although metal buttons can be awfully cold on skin.

I ripped out and started over on a Churchmouse pattern, Diagonal Lace Scarf. I had cast on for the wrap size, but messed up and stuck it away. I decided I'd rather do the scarf and so I started over. Reading the chart is so much easier than the written directions, I can't think why I didn't do that the first time around.

Last time I posted that I hadn't entered the pattern or yarn for this cowl into Ravelry, but it turns out I had. It's the Woven Cowl and I used Madelinetosh yarn, which explains the lovely, rich color.

I have spent most of the weekend in bed with general malaise, which started with an allergy induced migraine on Friday afternoon. I finally got up off the couch today to make a potato and vegetable casserole with lots of cheese. Comfort food, wouldn't you say? It made the house smell good and it was a homey type of Sunday dish. Celery, carrots, spring onions, and a little bit of spinach, to jazz up the potatoes. I'd meant to add asparagus from our garden but forgot. Made a white sauce and added sour cream and cheddar cheese. Bubbly and rich. I think I craved it after reading The Red House, a book that had a lot of food making in it. Does that ever happen to you?

Have a happy week, and thank you for your kind comments about Gracie and my car.




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  1. You look exactly the same Rose, how adorable is that photo of you with Santa. Hoping you feel much better now.