Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Lists of things to do plague me.

I know it's important to rest and to recharge, and yet I hear this voice in my head telling me I need to be more productive. I blame my mom, but really, I have to accept responsibility too. My mom is a super active 76 year old woman whose productivity puts me to shame. She worked until she was 72 at a very physically demanding job, and now that she has finally retired, after much coercion from me, she is just as busy keeping her house and large yard up to her exacting standards. I know she thinks I'm a slob and could do a much better job at keeping my small yard and house in better shape than I do, but I love to do other things like reading, knitting, and hanging out with friends. My mom's motto is "work before play", but I prefer it the other way around, even though I know she disapproves.

I finished up a few projects this week, such as sewing buttons on a basket weave cowl I finished a long time ago. I hadn't put it in Ravelry, so I don't remember the pattern or the yarn. The buttons were in my button jar, but I think they were from Hancock Fabrics (did you hear they are going out of business?)


Also sewed buttons on a False Creek cowl I made last year. I used Quince & Co. Puffin, but not sure about the buttons, other than they were in the jar as well.

And I finished another Hitchhiker shawlette using stash Linsey yarn; I even wore it this week when it was cold in the morning, and I liked it better than I thought I would.

If you want an engaging yet light read, try this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though it was predictable.

Gracie has been enjoying the sunlight, now that we can leave the door open more often; she's such a sweetie.

Yesterday, after I had worked late to catch up on grading papers, I came outside to find that someone had hit my car in the faculty parking lot without leaving a note. Nice, huh?


And today, I took the car in for a warranty repair, only to find that I need about $1500 worth of maintenance done. Not sure when that's going to happen. I had a little bit done today, and I have until October (inspection) to finish the rest. But I have to take it back tomorrow because a warning light is blinking that wasn't a problem beforehand. I'm hoping it's just a button or switch they forgot to reset. Fingers crossed, because I can't afford anything else just now.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!



  1. I love your knitting projects and the buttons. Of course, seeing Gracie and hearing about her are always my faves.

    That sucks about your car. It's times like that I wish I had a hidden camera installed ...

  2. Love the shawl. Was it hard to do?

    I am crazy about buttons; they are a little fetish of mine. It's like I cannot pass up a cute or unusual one, and I know I'll never use them all since I'm not an avid knitter of much of anything. (But buttons! So CUTE!)

  3. How horrible a staff memeber hit your car and did not leave a note, at least we suspect it is a staff member. I wish I could play before work, but then I would never get a thing done.

  4. I am so bummed about Hancock Fabrics. I could bike to the one in Madison! Great buttons!
    I hit a colleague's car in the school lot last year. I did leave a note. After all, only a jerk would do a hit and run!
    I love your Hitchhiker! Between you and Mere, I don't know how I have resisted casting one on!