Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Saturday, June 7, 2014

I Fought the Lawn and the Lawn Won

I've continued to work in the yard most nights after I get home from work and as a result, our yard is looking better than it ever has since we moved in almost six years ago. Unfortunately, last night I continued with the weed whacker after it got dark and ended up tripping over something and falling headlong into the grass. On my nose. (side note: my students informed me that it's a weed eater not a weed whacker. Any thoughts on this topic?) My glasses got slightly mangled and ripped up my nose badly enough that we went to the emergency room to see if I had broken it and/or needed stitches. Luckily enough, it wasn't broken and the way the skin was torn, did not require sutures, just a cleaning and a bandage. My nose feels as big as my face, I will probably have two black eyes by Monday, and I had a raging headache, but it definitely could have been worse. And no, I will not post a photo, because the one I took of myself looks exactly like a mug shot.But it's a beautiful Saturday so I will enjoy it, big nose and all.



  1. My goodness! I sure hope you are feeling better and that nose of yours heals quickly. I fought the weeds and the weeds won, but we did not have a battle like you did.

  2. Oh dear. Im glad you didn't end up in the ER explaining to them that you weed wacked in the dark. Silly Lady! Glad you are okay

  3. Good heavens, but you are dedicated! I never, ever use a Power Tool to do anything but goad my husband into doing something. Example:

    Nance: Hey, Rick...?
    Rick: What now?
    Nance: If I was going to use the table saw to--
    Rick:--You WHAT!? You aren't ever using the table saw. EVER. What is it that you need?
    Nance: Well, this piece of windowsill has been broken for weeks, and I just--
    Rick: I'm doing it right now.

    This is foolproof. You're welcome.

  4. Oh, Rose! I am so sorry. I really do feel for you. That is exactly the kind of thing I am always doing to myself. I hope the swelling, colors and pain fade quickly!

  5. Yikes! I hope you recover quickly. Maybe this is a sign from the universe that you should stick to your lovely flowers and - is the yummy asparagus? - and let the weeds alone. BTW, we call that mean ole power tool a weed eater because that's the name on the box. Lots of folks call it a hacker tho cuz that's what it does best.

  6. Feel better! And it's definitely a weed whacker around here.