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Monday, March 10, 2014

Sad Story

Last Friday, we had an all day rain storm with lots of wind. Consequently, when I was heading to work, I rushed to my car, threw my teaching bag in the back seat like I usually do, and drove to work. When I got home that evening, I noticed a blob in the street. When I got closer, I realized it was my knitting project bag. The Ravelry project bag that held my Brooklyn Tweed Shelter yarn and Brooklyn Tweed pattern, along with my needles and stitch marker; that had until that very morning been the first twenty rounds or so of the Fortnight hat I was making for my stepson. Unfortunately, it must have fallen out of my car that morning and sat in the road all day, being rained on and run over by cars countless times until the pattern disintegrated, the needles and stitch marker broke, and the yarn was mangled into an unrecognizable mess. The only thing that I was able to salvage was the project bag.
My daughter said I could have saved the yarn, but I just didn't have the heart.

On a lighter note, here is the finished and blocked baby sweater, made using the One pattern I've used before.

I love the cute button I found for it, don't you?

Hope all your knitting stories are happy ones!



  1. Oh no! Bad luck. :( Looks quite messy, too.

  2. OH So sorry. BUT I LOVE That baby sweater. BUtton is perfect and stitches are so even!

  3. This is such a cute sweater! the colors you chose remind me of the beach! can't wait for summer to come to us in Toronto!
    Take care,
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