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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bad Blogger

No, I'm not going to discuss my posting history; I just want to apologize for not thanking those of you who continue to leave kind comments. I have been quite remiss about responding and I barely comment on anyone else's blog these days, which is pretty rude behavior on my part. Please accept my apology and my promise to do better.

School started this past Tuesday and I'm teaching English 10 this year, which means I have quite a few former students. At the end of last year, the Freshman Transition teachers asked permission to loop up with our kids this year, and the administration agreed. The students in this cohort are a group who were identified as at-risk for dropping out, and we felt that maintaining a connection with them would be in their best interest. I looped once before in middle school, but it's more unusual to do it at the high school level, and although it's early days, I think it is going to work out well.

Knitting has certainly slowed down over the past two weeks. I knit a few wash cloths while sitting on the beach, finished a cowl, and started a sweater. Pretty sure the sweater will be slow going for awhile, until I get back in the rhythm of the school year.

And now, some photos:

Labor Day at the beach, knitting on the sand. That's me in the water, almost impossible to see, thank goodness.

Gracie, on the couch, napping near me every evening, after I get home. The sheet is cat hair protection.


The Atomic cowl, in MadelineTosh Vintage, warm denim.

And my classroom, before the kids showed up. I'm so lucky to have windows!

Hope to be back here again soon!



  1. Rose, take your time and be the wonderful, caring teacher that you are. Those kids are very lucky to have you.

  2. Your cowl looks great! My fiance just started teaching at a school that's a 'last chance' situation for kids at risk of dropping. Good teachers mean a lot!

  3. That classroom looks bright and welcoming for students. (But it doesn't beckon this retired teacher one little bit!) Have you ever thought about teaching knitting to your students who might be interested? Maybe you could write a grant for some needles and yarn, and the kids could learn one basic stitch. They could knit themselves a scarf. Maybe you could designate one day a week as a knitting day while you read aloud. At-risk kids like to be read to, in my experience, and the knitting will help keep their hands busy as well as some concentration beyond the story. Even my 10 Honors kids loved hearing "Of Mice and Men" aloud. And they loved doing anything creative. Just a thought.

    1. Thanks so much ladies! Nance, that's a great idea and we have been encouraged to do some grant writing this year. I may just give it a try!

  4. Apparently the Atomic Cowl uses the same reversible stitch pattern I used in my Cataraqui Socks.

  5. Your room looks so nice! We (I share a room) put more effort into room setup this year -- and it was worth it. Now we just have to keep it uncluttered!

    I have mixed feelings about looping -- depending on the kids. I do think it's good for kids.

    Have a great year!

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