Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Friday, September 27, 2013

Autumn Love

Loving the cool temperatures, the bluest skies, the slant of the sunlight, and the windows open all the time now. The shift in clothing is underway, and I'm pulling out the throws I like to keep on the couch to curl up under, the long pajamas instead of the shorties, and I'm able to wear a shawl or two now.

I had dinner with my youngest daughter the other night and she snapped this photo of me:

Interestingly enough, I'm knitting with almost the same color of yarn as the shawl I'm wearing, and both were gifted to me by my oldest daughter! I can't remember where I picked up the shawl pin; maybe Lion Brand Studio this summer? That sounds right.

Steve is off grocery shopping for a birthday dinner we are making tomorrow night for his oldest daughter. I'm in charge of baking a chocolate cake, and instead of using a box mix, I pulled out my old recipe box and found the card for Chocolate Syrup Fudgetown Cake. I bet I haven't made that cake in twenty-five years, but I remember exactly what it tastes like. It's the type of cake where you poke holes in it while it's warm and pour the warm frosting over it, so it soaks it up and leaves some on the top. Rich and sweet.

I read somewhere years ago that spring cleaning should really be done in the fall, before we close all the windows and snuggle in, and ever since then, that's been the way I've done it. It made such perfect sense to me, to make it all homey before it gets cold and wintery; don't you agree?

I think Gracie thinks so too. Can you see her sweet little paw? She has taken to sitting behind my head on the love seat now. She's still not a lap kitty, but she loves to curl her tail around the back of my neck and over my shoulder. Such a quirky little thing she is.

I hope you get to enjoy this lovely autumn weekend!



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  2. You look fantastic in that shawl, the color is perfect that is why your oldest daughter keeps buying it for you. Enjoy the birthday dinner and yummy cake.

  3. That color is perfect for you!

    How do you find time to spring clean in the fall? You must be far more organized than I!