Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Summer of the Shawls

I'm feeling much better now; pain really intensified the slightly blue way I was feeling into some major drama, but I think it's behind me now. The muscle pain is lessening and I assume my bones are trying to mend as well, with the help of calcium supplements and ultrasound therapy, in addition to keeping weight off of it.

I think one of the things that was overwhelming me is that I usually take some time in the summer to de-clutter and clean as a way to prepare for the coming school year, and I don't see that happening much this summer. I also had planned to paint the kitchen, but I'd say that's on hold as well. I'll just have to live with it, eh?

I know one thing I can do is go through my yarn stash (yes, again, why do you ask?) in the hopes of either giving some away or feeling less awash in it all. I think I feel guilty for hoarding it, knowing it's far too much for me to have on hand. I don't want plastic bins of stuff, but having it all out in the open is feeling messy. All the unfinished projects aren't helping me too much either.

This is the Manos scarf in mistake rib that I started awhile back and pick up whenever I am stuck or need something completely mindless. One skein done and only one left, which means it looks a little short to me, but I'm going to use it nonetheless. It was supposed to be a pattern by Spilly Jane, but I must have gotten off track.The Saroyan shawl out of the lovely brown and blue Madeline Tosh Vintage yarn I bought awhile ago came up short on yarn, and now that I've checked my Ravelry stash, I see that it says I bought two skeins. Another reason that I must reorganize the yarn. If I do find the second skein, I plan to knit back and do it correctly. It's too lovely a pattern and yarn to leave it like this, even if it takes longer. The yarn is gorgeous, and hopefully I really do have the second skein of it. I started this shawl using some gorgeous purple Berroco Ultra Alpaca and the pattern from my latest knitting book purchase, 10 Secrets of the Laidback Knitters. It's planned for a gift, so I can't say anything about the recipient, but I know she'll love it. I'm almost at the halfway point.This is the Manta Ray shawl, and I'm using some gorgeous Malabrigo sock yarn, whose label I seem to have misplaced. Although it's on size 8 needles, it's taking awhile to grow; not sure how much longer it will take. It was great train knitting though!Speaking of train knitting, this is the project I was supposed to be knitting during the trip, but since it had been a month since I picked it up, I couldn't work out the directions again. The Stripe Study Shawl is a favorite "mindless" project for many people, but I've been stumped a couple of times and now I think I'm afraid of it. The train's rocking motion made it hard for me to study the pattern, so I gave up and brought it home virtually untouched. I'm sure I'll get back to it when I have a free morning to focus on the directions.

So it appears I'm in a shawl stage, wouldn't you say? With a little luck, time, and perseverance, I should finish a couple of them up before I head back to school. You'd think that breaking one's foot would provide lots of knitting time, but for some reason, I've not been making the most of it. Or have I?


  1. Rose, you are making my head spin with all your beautiful shawls. I actually just bought yarn for a shawl very much like your Malabfigo shawl. I am making myself hold off until I finish a circular vest I've been knitting for a while.
    Have a great day,

  2. Well they're all looking beautiful. I hope the second skein of Tosh shows up.

  3. Your shawls are all beautiful. I love the purple - so intense. Good luck getting back to the stripes.
    Thank goodness for the Ravelry stash inventory minder. I confess I've got mine all in a list on 6 pages. A small notebook but a long list. Too long to be bothered typing it into anything. They're roughly sorted so I can find stuff. Nice when I can draw a line through some :)

  4. I know what you mean about decluttering the house before school starts. At least you have a good excuse! I don't.

    Your shawls are lovely. I also recommend the Zen Rain Shawl. I have really enjoyed knitting it and the (almost) finished shawl is so pretty.

    Hang in there. You will heal!

  5. Sounds as though the hardest part of your summer has been re-adjusting your expectations. But it also sounds as though you've figured out how to "go with the flow". Aren't shawls the best summer knitting there is? No gauge or fit worries. Yours are lovely. Maybe you can organize your yarn on shelves in the open (it's what I do)so you can enjoy looking at it and keep track of it at the same time. Loved your photos of DC, where we lived for so many years.