Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Have you ever noticed that when you're away from home, you think of all the things you'd like to accomplish, if only you were home? Well, maybe you don't think like that, but I sure do. I think about how organized I would get everything, how I'd plan delicious, thoughtful meals, and how much knitting I'd get done. Lately, I've been thinking about the knitting.

I've been browsing Ravelry's pattern library (and wow, can you lose a lot of time doing that!) and my own pdf library, even printing quite a few, so I can get started right away. I want to make a bunch of mini sweater ornaments to give away at Christmas, a pair or two of the Blueberry Chocolate Wrist Warmers, a Mustard Scarf and Leg Warmers, both by Jane Richmond, the Gap-tastic Cowl, a Diversify cowl, a Falling Leaves hat, a pair or two of Basic Cabled Mittens, and a couple of Eazy-Peazy Baby Cardigans, to have on hand for the babies that keep being born to teachers at my school.

And as if all that wasn't more than enough, I'm starting to get an urge to crochet as well! I have loved the ripple blanket ever since I saw it on Alicia Paulson's blog. Oh my, what's a knitter to do? What would you do?


  1. I love perusing the patterns on Ravelry, too. My queue has an obscene number of items!

    Those all look like tempting projects. I should try the Eazy-Peazy. I have never knit a baby sweater!

  2. Yes, I do the same things, and before I know it, nothing gets done...including the knitting.

    My mil crocheted a bazillion ripple blankets with her eyes closed. I still have them and they're cozy. I think of her when I snuggle beneath them. There is a crochet class this Saturday at the LYS. Perhaps I should go.

  3. I think we all battle with that. When I'm home, certain things don't get done. And when I'm gone, it's those very things that I can't wait to do. Go figure!

    Think I'll check out that Easy-Peazy baby sweater, as my dearest friend just got two new grandbabies.

  4. When I am at work I want to be home, even though I really like what I do. When I am home cleaning I would rather be at work.... I think if I just take my knitting and crochet to the beach and sit I will find the perfect place to be. Come and try some crochet, I have become quite addicted. The Queen Anne's Lace Scarf is a gret project to start with,
    Happy Friday,

  5. Crochet is a great skill to add to your knitting resume. I spent many years crocheting lace before I realized that there was knitted lace. Who said it was addictive? Too right it is. And faster than knitting. If you have a chance to learn, go for it!

  6. Ravelry browsing was my go-to escapist activity when I was taking a break from studying for my exams. I added so many patterns to my queue as my reward for when I was finally done with the exams -- now I have to winnow them down and decide what I'm actually going to cast on next!
    It's SOL season in Virginia, isn't it? I'd say that's a perfect occasion to take up a crossover project while the students are busy with their number 2 pencils. Crochet away!