Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thrifting and Knitting, or Two of My Favorite Things.

I've had a good nap since I came home from work early. I really don't like the antibiotic I'm on though; I feel like the doctor prescribed a bomb when a bullet would have worked. (Where did those violent, war-like images come from? My drug-addled brain.)

I went to the thrift store the other day after work and bought this "tablecloth". It may have been a repurposed sheet, but I liked the blue swirls.

Now I'm wondering if it looks like there's a sheet on the table. Hmm. I also bought this fabric for fifty cents. I'm thinking of making some of those napkins I saw the other day, even though I have to cut the fabric. Or, a bath mat, ala SouleMama's pattern from her second book.
Finished the Noro mittens last night and I love them. Love them I tell you.

Almost done with a Swifty for M1 per her request. She said the previous tenants of her apartment left a Swiffer and she would like to use this instead of the disposable cloths. I made one for her sister last year but still don't have one for me. Maybe later. It's usually more fun to knit for others. Except in the case of my mittens. Did I mention how much I love them?

This one has me in a quandry. I like the colors but the solid, unknown yarn is kind of scratchy. Not sure it's the best yarn for a scarf. Someone asked me how the swatch of it washed up......ha, ha, ha. No swatching was done, so no idea, although it does seem like a reasonable plan now that I think of it.

The shawl hasn't been worked on in a week, but I'm working on it this weekend. And I'm casting on for the Mondo Cable Pullover or the Eyelet Cardi. I have set my standards pretty low and may even be out of compliance with the Olympic Knitting Rules, which, I think, expect you to complete a project. The way I look at it is that my personal challenge is to start a sweater and make decent progress on it. So that's what I'm doing.
Light the torch please!

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