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"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Knitting Portion of Our Trip

Watching the Olympic Medal Ceremony right now; what a nice young man Alex seems to be.

And speaking of the Olympics, I am so excited about my knitting challenge. This is the progress on my sweater, and wonder of wonders, I understand the directions. Even though I was stumped at a couple of places, I thought it out and wrote it out, and it's making sense! Fun!!! The trip to Annapolis was wonderful. We had beautiful weather, cold and crisp and clear, and Steve and I had a lovely, lovely time. I took tons of photos but I'm mostly posting about the knitting for this one.

This is one of the sidewalks and that's the knitting bag I carried with me on all our walks. We walked on Saturday after we got there and we walked all day on Sunday, stopping at bookstores, coffee shops, and pubs whenever I got too cold or wanted a rest. And I knit every time we stopped. A perfect weekend.

Isn't the snow so pretty?

Here are my new Noro mittens, finished just in time for the trip. They are so warm and I love the colors. And that beautiful bracelet is my Valentine gift from Steve. Amethysts and silver. A lovely surprise.

Here's Steve waiting patiently at Fibre Space, the great new yarn shop in Alexandria. He enjoyed talking to the young woman who was sitting on the couch knitting while I wandered around the store. I love that he has on a hat and scarf that I knitted for him, so I took a photo of him.

Here I am outside of the storefront.

And my hobby of "stalking" celebrity knitters continues. The very gracious Wendy agreed to a photograph. She was so nice and friendly and even gave me a magnet with Lucy's photo on it. I meant to take her book with me to be autographed but I forgot.

She's actually the reason we stopped there, even though I've been wanting to visit the store since it opened last summer. It's a great place, lots of beautiful yarn, a funky decor, and a very friendly staff, even though they were slammed with customers due to their super sale. I bought two skeins of tweed to make a slouch hat, and two skeins of yarn to make Steve a hat in the GT colors. I could have easily bought more as the prices were so great, but since I'm going to New York this Friday and will do a yarn crawl with M1, plus the fact that I'm committed to the sweater, I decided to exercise a little self-control.


  1. The snow is AMAZING! The snowbank is almost as tall as you in that photo. I love the bracelet! And the sweater is looking beautiful.

  2. Wow, I never thought I'd see that much snow in Annapolis! Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

    PS: the security code for this post is ebash -- is that like a party on the internet???

  3. I'm impressed with a husband who will sit in a LYS, wearing hand knits and smiling! He's a gem. Speaking of which, I love your bracelet. And, good going on the sweater. It's going to be so pretty.