Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Teacher Tired

There's no tired like teacher tired at the end of the school year, as the saying goes, and I am feeling it this year. I have two more "teaching" days, then two days of exams, and an early release day followed by a graduation ceremony, and then two work days before my ten weeks of unemployment begins. It is a challenge making these last days worthwhile, especially when so many students are pulled out for state testing, but I keep trying. I've been using the Teaching Tolerance videos again, which usually lead to some great class discussions. I have used them for the past three years and I think I may start the semester with them next time. Truly, I could easily teach an entire semester with them, they are that good. This semester I also found another great resource, the Densho Project, a website devoted to the Japanese Internment during WWII. Add in all the resources available on the Holocaust, and my social justice focus is pretty clear.

Gracie looks exhausted too. Or maybe she's just commiserating with me?

I was able to snag a copy of the new magazine, Making, and it is well worth the price. I forget how many knitting patterns are in it, but there are a lot and a wonderful variety too. This photo was taken on the bathmat while I was taking my bath.

I have a couple of bookcases in the garage I want to glam up and I think I'm going to try this look:


Oh, and I bought a painting last week from the consignment store I frequent; I'm pretty sure I'm going to hang it somewhere else but it's hanging here for now. I love looking at it. And soon I'll be on the actual beach every day that the weather allows!



  1. I kept nodding and saying "YES!" the entire time I was reading this entry. YES to Teacher Tired, YES to the bookcase idea for your decor, YES to that wonderful beachy painting.

    SO...if my Opinion means a thing at all, it's a Big Yes from me! Hee hee.

    1. Yes, your opinion matters! You survived the trenches!

  2. Happy end of your teaching year Rose. I know you will enjoy your summer off so much.

    1. I certainly will! I was so cranky on Friday, it's clear it's times!

  3. I'm trying really hard not to gloat, but I am DONE. Sort of. I'm following you into high school, and it looks like my new boss expects lots of summer work. Still, I'm done with middle school!
    Love the look you're going for on the shelf unit.

    1. When did you decide to make the change to high school? I had a bigger/longer adjustment period than I expected but definitely glad I made the switch.

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