Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Summer Plans

Graduation is my favorite thing about teaching high school; it's so wonderful to see my students mature from 9th grade to graduation. It also means summer is here!!


I don't actually have many plans for this summer, other than a week in Brooklyn to visit my daughter for a few days and to pet sit for a few days while she and her husband take a short vacation. Normally I have lots of ideas for the house and yard, and while I know I need to get a lot of things done around here, I haven't written anything down yet. I think I'm going to try and take each day as it comes this summer.

One positive thing I've done to try to increase my productivity is to delete the games on my iPad. I know I waste so much time on them when I'd really rather be knitting or reading, so to help me make better choices, into the virtual trash can they went. Also, my iPad is over four years old, which is ancient in the Apple world, so maybe it will last longer if I only use it for blog reading and writing.

Yesterday was World Wide Knit in Public Day, and my local yarn shop co-hosted an event with the Chrysler Museum. The weather was amazing, which contributed to the large turnout.



I supported her effort by purchasing this gorgeous skein of Malabrigo. Apparently I'm hooked on these colors right now.
I also bought a bag by a local maker but this is a gift for my oldest daughter. She used to knit, but sews more often now, hence the fabric pattern. Hopefully she can use it for something.

As the weather was so nice, I decided to wander around downtown, sort of like a tourist in my own city. This is the Slover Library, the main branch of the Norfolk Library system. I love going there, it's beautiful inside and out.

Mermaids are the city mascot and can be found all over. I'll take more photos of them this summer.

There is a little half street park with a long fountain area between the library and the MacArthur Memorial. It would be a nice place to knit and cool off.

I also stopped in Kitsch, a little shop I frequent, to see what was new. I love these Pom Pom flowers!

Gracie is enjoying the rug and the open windows. I love her expression, sort of a, "what now?" look.

And here she's snuggled up on the couch near me, as she is so often.

Hello, summer!



  1. I would have to delete my browsers in order to stop Time-Wasting with my tablet and laptop. Sigh. It's not games; it's the whole damn Internet.

    I hope your summer is full of relaxation and a sense of accomplishment--of fun little projects that you love doing.

  2. Good for you for deleting games. I play Solitaire before I fall asleep, but that's about it. I rarely even look at Facebook. Time sucks!
    I kind of wish I had a plan-free summer. Being on the beach, everyday can have a few vacation moments!

  3. Happy Summer right back to you. I am working as usual so no big break for me. I only play one game on my ipad and it is a fast one involving words, no games on my phone at all. I really just want to read and knit, just like you.