Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Sunday, June 16, 2013

NYC Plans

So I've been jotting down some ideas about what I'm interested in doing in New York while I'm pet sitting and it seems like most of my list is free. I checked the weather and the forecast looks pretty awesome for June, which is great, since at least half of my ideas are out of doors.

I want to spend some solid time in Central Park, specifically, Strawberry Fields and the Imagine mosaic, which I have never seen! I also want to take a look at the Alice in Wonderland statue, especially since I remember seeing the Peter Pan one in London many years ago. I want to walk on the High Line too, and read somewhere that the best time is early on weekdays, so that's in my itinerary.

I've never seen the Cloisters, and I think this trip will be the perfect time to go; since its so far north, I never seem to have a day to devote to it, which is the amount of time I feel it will take. If it doesn't take as long as I anticipate, I'll spend the rest of that day in The Met, as one can never have enough time there.

My daughter has given me a list of cool places to see in the Garment District, so if I am reading the map correctly, I may combine that with a wander around the TriBeCa area, but I'm wrong, I'll just wander somewhere else that day.

If I need any more outdoor time, I will visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and/or Prospect Park. I definitely plan on some down time, in bookshops, knit shops, and coffee shops. And I'm hoping to see a lot of Brooklyn on my walks with Ollie-dog.

For now, I have some knitting projects to pack. I will definitely post some photos over the next two weeks! Ciao!














  1. If you knit things that need buttons, I highly recommend The Tender Button (on the east side a block or two north of Bloomingdales). It is a button emporium extraordinaire! Well worth the visit.

  2. Oh have a great time on your trip, time to yourself to wander where you want, perfect.

  3. Sounds like so much fun! If I didn't have a broken leg, I'd be tempted to visit you in NYC! My friend Marsha loves Knitty City -- although that isn't free!

  4. How about tracking down Habu Textiles; their knitted stuff is ultra cool!