Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Saturday, June 15, 2013

All Over The Map

I am going in lots of directions at once right now and my knitting projects reflect this. I set aside All the Shades of Truth to begin the first of two baby blankets I want to make for a dear friend, then put that aside to work on something for my soon-to-be-married daughter.


Steve and I had a great weekend in Baltimore, and stopped in Richmond to take Stephanie to dinner on the way home. I love the restaurant that this bathtub is home to, but right after I took this photo, we found out they had just closed for the evening. I love this picture anyway.

This post was started at least a week ago and finally it is summer for me. The last week of school chewed me right up but a good night's sleep and just hanging out today is putting me on the road to healthy again. I suspect I will sleep most of the way up to Brooklyn on Monday, which is another reason I love to travel by train.

This was the first high school graduation I was a part of and it was great to see students I had taught in 8th grade walk the stage. This beautiful young woman was in my first class of AVID students, just four years ago.

Events like these rejuvenate me.


And eating oat grass and catnip rejuvenate Gracie.

Happy summer, people!


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  1. Ah, happy, happy summer to you, too. I remember very well that feeling of sagging, full-deep breath relaxation the day after the last day of school. I hope your summer is long, lazy, and slow-moving.