Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Saturday, April 13, 2013


It's finally feeling like spring around here, but it must be a banner year for pollen, because my allergies are kicking up big time. I'm so heavily medicated that I had trouble staying awake in class this week, especially during the showing of the movie version of The Odyssey. Oh my, Armand Assante is one heck of a hunky man!


I've been knitting steadily on the first baby blanket for my friend, the one who is having twins. Because of all the mistakes I have been making however, I've virtually made no progress. I think I'm at the exact length as I was last weekend. But I've gotten the repeat permanently planted in my brain and my fingers now, so it should be smooth sailing from here out. Which is good, because I will need to make a second one. This one is lime green, despite the washed out color of the photo, and I'm going to make the second one in a bright blue. The yarn is a baby friendly blend of bamboo and nylon, called Babyboo, and while I don't exactly love working with it, it seems like it is perfect for the project.



Meanwhile, Gracie is still enjoying her new home with us. She loves the morning sunlight.

And she loves her naps. Doesn't she look especially sweet here?

Steve and I walked on the beach this afternoon. It has been way too long since I was down there.

I love the back lighting of the sun in this photo.

And this view never ceases to fill me with contentment.

I am so incredibly lucky to live here. I need to remember that every day.



  1. You are indeed lucky; you only need to look at my post from yesterday to see why. Can't remember a worse spring! Two baby blankets? It's easy not to realize that there's as much knitting in a baby blanket as in an adult sweater. I hope you have a lot of time!

  2. Oh what a cute kitty you have. I love gray cats and miss ours. Your baby blanket is looking great, and once you have made one the other will go much faster.

  3. I have a view like that as I approach the beach at Honeymoon Island, it fills me with such peace.
    Hugs to you,