Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Monday, April 22, 2013


Melissa and I are going to try hay bale gardening this year. She is sharing a house with some other young women and felt the urge to garden, and I have been interested in trying this method for the past couple of years, so we decided to give it a try. It should be fun, each of us doing this at the same time. I went to a local nursery after work on Thursday and bought two bales for her and two for me. I also picked up two pots of day-lilies for the flower bed on the corner of our yard. I went plant shopping again today and bought tomato plants, a pepper plant, two cucumber plants, a variety of herbs, and some marigolds. I also picked up quite a few packages of zinnia seeds, because I love them so much.


Steve and I ate lunch on Saturday at a little place called Leaping Lizard, and I think that's what motivated me to buy all the plants. They have free range chickens, little teapots filled with zinnias, and lots of cute things all over the open air porch.



Sunday was a gorgeous, sunny day. I had two friends over and the plan was to sit on the beach and knit. We knew we'd need sweatshirts, but even those weren't enough, as the wind was kicking up whitecaps. So instead, we hung out in my sunroom and spent the day knitting in the comfort, only stopping to grab some food at the local pizza joint down the street. So relaxing!

Today is even colder, with gale force winds blowing in from the bay, so all the plants I bought are still in the car. I'm on the couch, with Gracie snuggled beside me, listening to the wind, and dreaming of hay bales covered in green plants and flowers. Gracie is probably dreaming of catnip. And fish. What are you dreaming of these days?




  1. I've never heard of hay bale gardening. The post for that link was interesting! Good luck with the garden. I look forward to seeing how it does.

  2. Knitting with friends is the perfect way to spend the day. I am interested to hear more about your gardening endeavor.