Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break, So Far

Thank you to everyone who left a comment in my post about parenting. I truly appreciated each and every one. My youthful mom, and the lemon meringue pie she baked for Melissa, who didn't want cake this year. Beats to a different drummer, she does.

My spring break has been a lovely balance of relaxing, catching up with family and friends, knitting, and puttering around the house. I've made a batch of granola and pan of granola bars, using the recipes from Homemade Pantry, made dinner, ate out every day, stayed up too late, took a nap before 10:00 a.m., finished the Horizon Scarf, cleaned up the craft room, read a book, spent a day in Richmond with my stepdaughter, took stuff to the thrift store, and hung out with Gracie. Unfortunately, it's already Thursday, and I'm wondering why the week is flying by much faster than a work week!


I took advantage of some sunshine to artfully photograph the scarf, influenced by Gale and Stephanie's blogs.

The Dream in Color yarn is perfect for spring.

Gracie looks like she's drinking from the straw, doesn't she?

Happy Spring!



  1. Sounds like a beautiful week, enjoy the rest of it. Beautiful scarf,

  2. What a wonderful week you have been having. Enjoy the rest of it. Love the scarf!

  3. I know what you mean. Breaks just fly by. It sounds like you having a truly relaxing break, which is the whole point!

    Talented cat.

  4. Lemon meringue pie--my favourite!