Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Monday, July 18, 2011


What a week! The VDOE committee I worked on last week was just fabulous. I can't fully explain how enjoyable that kind of work is for me. The opportunity to discuss curriculum with other 8th grade science teachers from around the state, review SOL test items and the testing data, and to be a part of creating documents that every science teacher in the state will use is a pretty powerful experience.

Our committee work was over at noon on Friday, but since Steve had to help Stephanie move from one apartment to another and I couldn't help because of my foot, I had the opportunity to spend a little over four hours on my own. Not surprisingly, I spent two of those hours sitting at The Yarn Lounge knitting! Every time I visit there, I am more and more impressed with their hospitality. The staff and regular customers/knitters are so welcoming and inclusive that I look forward to visiting, even though I only go every couple of months or so. On this trip, I treated myself to a beautiful skein of Malabrigo Superwash sock yarn (Turner colorway) and four lovely pewter buttons. I plan to use two of the buttons for my mom's sweater, although I'm not sure which two, as I'm going to let her choose. I'm thinking I may take the sock yarn with me on my train trip this week, but I doubt I actually knit it, as I have my Different Lines shawl planned for that. But at least I'll be prepared. I spent the rest of the afternoon ensconced in a chair in Ellwood's Cafe', reading and drinking iced tea with ginger ale. It was a lovely afternoon, quite luxurious and indulgent.

All in all, I thought I'd have a tough time leaving the gorgeous hotel and all its amenities, but it wasn't too bad. Although our bed seemed much smaller after the king size one we'd been sleeping on all week, and the food here at home was definitely not up to par with the four star meals we'd been enjoying, it is good to be home.

Yesterday, Steve and I went to Borjo's, the coffee shop near ODU, and we ran into a couple of our favorite people. I caught Corbin smiling after only three tries! Isn't he a cutie? (although his dad is cute too, you know I'm talking about the baby!)

Another thing that helped my return, was meeting up with Deborah, author of the Caffeine Girl Knits blog. Whenever she visits her brother in Williamsburg, we try to catch up over coffee and knitting. Luckily I came home in time to catch her last full day in the area, and we had a great time talking and knitting. Thanks for taking the time out to visit with me, Deborah!

On a somewhat random note, I'd really love to knit this sweater, but I don't think I enjoy such small needles, despite loving how the fabric looks. Maybe I'll see if my daughter will make it for me; she loves the small needle projects!

Now it's off to see the endodontist, to finish up my latest root canal. I see the doctor about my foot on Wednesday for follow-up x-rays; hoping for good news. Sheesh, it's like I'm already a senior citizen, planning my week around the doctor appointments! Hope your week is a good one!


  1. That sweater is lovely. It looks so cool and would be just the thing for a hot summer day. Wearing or knitting.

    Could you get the endodontist to double-duty his x-ray machine so you could skip the next appointment? Hope it all goes well.

  2. I love that sweater. I found myself immediately performing a mental stash audit. Perhaps I should go mosey into the yarn room.