Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bay Breeze

Sometime Thursday night, the wind shifted and we're now on our second day of blissful, low humidity weather. We turned off the aging air conditioner as soon as we woke up yesterday and opened all the windows to enjoy the cool bay breeze. Which makes these photos all the more out of place, but I wanted to share them anyway. I washed all the woolies we used this past winter so I could pack them away. This is the pair of handwarmers Meredith gave me for my birthday; aren't they lovely? She chose waves to mark my love for the ocean.

Here are various scarves and cowls; the red lace and the blue striped cowls were also made by Meredith.And here are a few hats and a pair of mittens. The hat on the far right is the most recently knit baby hat, ungifted as yet.When we took our walk on the beach last night (well, Steve walked and I sat and knit), I took my knitting in the bag Meredith made for me for Mother's Day. It's reversible and the perfect size for most of the projects I knit.Here is a shot of Steve heading out on his walk; isn't it gorgeous? This is the progress I've made so far on the Saroyan shawl. Right after I took this, I realized I had dropped a stitch about five rows down, so I spent the time frogging and reknitting. But I'm back on track with it now and am in the straight section.I've included a few shots of the lab I did in science class on Thursday and Friday. The students had to design boats so they would hold the maximum number of dice without sinking. They had to "build" one boat at a time, test it, then go back to their group to modify and improve the design.

This one was a contender, but the winning boat actually ended up holding twenty-five dice! Water + kids = Success!

And I liked it too, so much so that the next day we did it again, only this time we compared the bouyancy of water compared to salt water. I love science!!

Now Melissa and I are headed to a friend's house for an outdoor pizza oven party! Hope the rest of your weekend is a lovely one.


  1. All of the hand knits are so beautiful and to see them all at one time must be so much fun. Have a great weekend,

  2. That`s a beautiful beach for walking!

    I`m interested in your science experiments. I like how one segued right into the next. I wonder how much you could actually teach and learn with one boat and a bag of dice.

    Your shawl is coming along nicely. Too bad about the frogging but it`s past now. Pretty colors.

  3. I always love to see photos of your beautiful knitting, but today I'm completely charmed by your flamingo shower curtain. Love. Flamingos!