Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

New Routine

School finally finished up last week; I feel like I took my time storing my things this year, in the hopes that the new year will be less stressful and more organized.  I also brought home some of my unit plan binders, so that I can plot out what I'd like to do while I have more time to think.  Of course, I always think I'll do this, but this summer my situation really is different, so I'm hopeful.
Meanwhile, I've been doing some yard work.  It turns out that I actually love weeding; I think it's very meditative and therapeutic, but I also love how visible and immediate the results are.  That being said, I also am trying to minimize the amount of upkeep I need to do, so I changed this little area last week.  The space at the front left of the photo is a little extension of the large flower bed; it was a little section of weedy grass that I turned into a bed a few years ago, but the gate caught on the edging every time I opened it.  Instead of weeding and mulching it yet again, I dug an inch or two down to remove all the weed/grass roots, poured a layer of sand, and then used river rocks as edging and hardscape.  I liked it so much, I decided to do the same with the strip of unnecessary grass along the deck, the length of the driveway strips.    I plan to continue to add and widen so that the area to the garage door, just to the right of the picture, is done this way, but as it's a bit pricey, I'm taking my time with it.  I really like it though.  
Surprisingly, I haven't been to the beach much at all. This picture was taken before the last week of school, and it's the last time I was there.  Of course, it's probably the last nice day we've had, as it seems like every day is cloudy and/or rainy.  
Gracie has begun begging for belly rubs, by throwing herself on any available rug. This one is in the bathroom, and this picture reminds me that replacing the ugly linoleum is another home improvement project I'd like to do this summer.
I took this picture this morning, as Gracie and I took our time getting up.  It's safe to say that we both enjoy the slower pace of summer.


  1. Such a sweet, sweet kitty. It's good to have a lazy summer! Love your river rocks area - very, very pretty. Hope you get to the beach soon!

  2. I'm with you--low maintenance areas with less fuss are the best. Of course, you still have to contend with weeds growing up through the sand/rock/pebbly stuff, but hitting them with a weed spray (commercial or made yourself) is preferable to planting and hoeing and digging and all that baloney.

    Sigh. Really wish you had NOT mentioned your bathroom flooring. Mine is hideous and has needed to be replaced for centuries.

    1. Yeah, not sure it'll get done this summer but it's on "the list." Hope you are well

  3. Welcome to summer break!
    You are being so industrious you are putting me to shame. I have been traveling since school was out, and now I just want to make stuff!
    I was hoping to find a cheap flight to DC and see you this summer, but it turns out I have skin cancer and need a significant medical intervention. I will blog about this when the time gets closer, but wanted to share with you. I really had wanted to visit you and celebrate your new life this summer!

    1. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope all goes well. My mom has had quite a few procedures on her nose and is fine, but it is a worry, I know. Best wishes.

  4. Enjoy your summer break Rose, you deserve it.

  5. Great work on the stones and garden areas Rose. WOw. I admire anyone who does all that digging work! I have ten plants to keep track of this summer. Thats it. Just ten. We are new to this house So I didnt want to spend much until I knew the soil etc. Get to the beach soon, I hear it calling you