Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Thursday, June 29, 2017

My Summer Garden

My yard has been getting the majority of my time and energy this week, in part because it needs the attention, but mostly because I'm enjoying my time digging in the dirt.  

I took photos one morning of everything that is flowering at the moment, and it surprised me how many different blooms I had.

Sadly, the zucchini plants seem to be stunted; one already died off (too much rain at the wrong time, maybe) but maybe this one will pull through.  
 I started to dust the large bookshelf in the living room last Friday night, and ended up "konmari-ing" it, which means I pulled every single book off of every single bookcase.  I took a photo, mid process:
 I have three bookcases in the living room, one in the sunroom, and one in my bedroom, plus the cookbook shelf in the kitchen, and the bookcase for yarn and craft books in the yarn room.  I finally finished on Sunday morning.  
I finally made it to the beach a couple of times; it is so relaxing to sit under my umbrella and chat with a friend or two, especially if there's a nice breeze.  Beach time means I've been able to knit a couple of washcloths for my gift closet.  
I'm almost finished with the Playground Shawl; I've enjoyed this pattern, as it's an easy one to remember, but being able to switch from garter to lace whenever I want keeps it interesting as well.
 When I'm not in the yard, I've been reading quite a bit; despite all the books I own, there's not much I love more than going to the library and checking out a big stack of books.  I just finished The Summer Before the War, which I loved.  It's a satisfyingly long read, set in pre-WWI England.  I've tried to watch a couple of series so I can knit, but nothing is keeping my interest lately.  I really need to try out some of the many podcasts I've heard about and see if I like them.
Gracie thinks I should sit on the couch with her a little more often.  She's looking a little judgy here, don't you think?


  1. Oh, we English Teachers and our bookshelves. I have them as well, and mine are full of hardbacks only. I did a purge one year and sent boxes and boxes off to the library book sale, leaving me with my Dearest Beloveds.

    I do think grey cats are Especially Judgy. Marlowe (my resident Grey) has lots of disdainful looks which she tosses off to me with ease. I rarely do what she thinks I should.

    Your floor is gorgeous. Is that real hardwood? Lovely.

    1. Thank you! Yes, the floor is real, installed in 1957 at the time the house was built, although it was refinished in 2008, when we bought it. Love these old floors too! And yes, books are always with us, aren't they? I can't imagine a house without them,

  2. Ha-ha - Gracie is being judgmental! Wow, your flowers are so beautiful - and you have such a variety. Looking lovely.

    Glad you made it to the beach. That's got to be a great break...especially after your bookcase project! (The end result looks so pretty.)

  3. You are getting so much done! Your garden looks beautiful. I have been getting rid of books in waves. It's getting harder as I'm getting down to the ones I really love!

    1. I really don't feel like I'm accomplishing anything! I didn't get rid of very many books at all, but I'm okay with that. They feel like insurance somehow!