Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Goings On

I sat down to write a post and began scrolling through the photos on my phone, which is what I usually do when I post.  As it turns out, I haven't taken very many pictures since the retreat, which was two weeks ago.  This is very unusual for me and I'm not sure why this is.  I've been working a lot, but that's not new.  I have been reading quite a lot, which doesn't really inspire a lot of photo taking, so maybe that's the reason.  I use the GoodReads app but only to keep track of what I've read and more importantly, of the books I want to read, as I come across reviews, blog posts, or other recommendations.  It's been a game changer for me, as I used to keep lists in spiral notebooks, which I never seemed to have with me when I was at the library or book store.  Now, when I visit the library, pretty much a weekly event for me these days, I just pull up my list and start searching.  Or just as often, I'll sit at home and use the online catalog to place a hold on a book from my list, then pick it up at my local branch when I'm notified.  I'll list a few of my more recent reads:
  • On Turpentine Lane, by Elinor Lipman
  • Paris for One and Other Stories, by Jojo Moyes
  • Pied Piper, by Nevil Shute
  • A Town Like Alice, by Nevil Shute
  • We Are All Made of Stars, by Rowan Coleman
  • The Novel Habits of Happiness, by Alexander McCall Smith
  • Stone Coffin, by Kjell Eriksson
  • The Cold Cold Ground, by Adrian Mckinty
This is a very eclectic list, but these are ones I'd recommend; but it definitely depends on the type of fiction you want to read, doesn't it? Some of these are quite dark and some are complete fluff.  I need both.
I took a picture of a shawl I started this week, when I need something to work on that was mindless.  This is a Hitchhiker shawl, using Dragonfly Fibers yarn in the Van Gogh's Sunflowers color way.  Perfect name for those colors.  I went to a coffee shop on Tuesday night to hear some Irish music and knew I'd need something to work on, so I grabbed this off of my yarn room floor.  
Lastly, I wanted to share another project I've been working on and that's me!  I went to the doctor in January and after she looked at the results of my blood work, told me I either needed to change my diet or I was running a serious and fairly immediate risk of developing diabetes.  So I cut out as much sugar as I could, drastically reduced the amount of carbs I eat, and increased protein.  Basically, I went on a diabetic food plan in order to prevent diabetes.  As a result, I've lost 31 lbs so far and I'm pretty happy with my progress.  It was super hard at first, but now it's become pretty routine.  A picture popped up on my Facebook page from last year's yarn retreat and I was so pleased at the difference, that I thought I'd share.
I still have more to lose but I'm happy with the direction I'm headed.
Hope all are well.


  1. Good for you! I keep saying I'm going to cut sugar out of my diet, but I'm terrible about following through on that. And the wedding last weekend did not help one bit! I am so impressed -- and feeling like a lazy eater.

    Which books are the dark ones? I don't do fluff. At some point, I just lost interest in it. I miss them, but can't seem to read them anymore.

    And I LOVE that you grabbed the project off the floor. That's where mine are!

  2. Yay for you! Congratulations. You look fabulous. Love your new shawl. The yarn is gorgeous and so aptly named.

  3. Wow, Rose! Well done on the diet. I am pre-diabetic. I have watched my diet for years but now am trying to cut out gluten. At first I was starving but now I am just fine. You look fantastic. I bet you feel a lot better too!