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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Decorating for Christmas

This is a neighborhood kitty that sits on my porch sometimes, but never lets me pet him/her.  He/she is a beautiful tuxedo cat, with more white than you can see here.
I took a walk today and it still looks like autumn, which I guess it is.  Isn't this tree gorgeous?
 Regardless of the season, I decided to begin decorating for Christmas.  This is unusually early for me, but I'm having a little party/get-together next Sunday, and with all the tutoring I'm doing after school, I decided this long weekend was my best opportunity.  Plus, this way I'll also be ready when Meredith and Ryan get here on December 11, for their early Christmas visit.  She can't get off work at Christmas, so we'll be doing it early.  
This photo collage shows off some of the decorations I've put out so far.  The advent calendar is one I've had since my girls were little, but the pelican picture is something I picked up at the thrift store last year.  I think it goes with my beach cottage look.
I bought my tree from the local hardware store yesterday, and put four strings of 100 lights on it, but decided I need a few more sets.  I bought some more today, but didn't get around to adding them just yet.  The house smells good though, my favorite part of buying a cut tree.  The needles on the floor are my least favorite part.
I hung some icicle lights on my front porch railing this year. Move had the lights for this for a few years, but finally decided to use them this year.  It was much easier than I expected; I simply used twist ties to hold the string on!
I also have the shell tree my mom gave gave me, which I love.
And since I was on a roll with the twinkle lights, I put a longer string up in my bedroom.  I love these lights so much!
When I was in Target buying more lights, I saw these mugs with knitted cozies:
Trends are funny, aren't they?  I go back to work tomorrow, and although I'd rather stay home, I'm sure I'll be fine once I get there.  Hope everyone has a good week!

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