Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Monday, October 10, 2016


A couple of weeks ago, we had a day off school due to heavy rain and flooding. Well, Matthew gifted us this time. Oddly enough, our area wasn't expecting it this time, as the forecasts all suggested it was going to be well off the coast. Thankfully it wasn't a neap or spring tide situation, but it was bad enough. This is one end of my street.


This is one block over; I took a walk yesterday morning to check out my neighborhood.

My next door neighbor lost a tree, but I hear there were many, larger ones down throughout the area, due to the rain saturated ground. Notice how there isn't any water in the street in this picture? That's what's odd and lucky about my house's location. It's three houses away from serious flooding, but I'm ok. As a matter of fact, when I woke up Saturday morning, it looked like I was having a party, because many of my neighbors had moved their cars to my house.


This is one block away, on my walk to the beach. This corner always floods, but this was pretty deep.


I made it to the beach Sunday afternoon and there were three young men enjoying the water!



I enjoyed the wind and fresh air, but did not go in the water. Crazy hair, don't care.

I spent some time having a blocking party. This is the Brickless shawl I finished and blocked awhile back, but I hadn't stretched the lace enough, so I did it again.

I also blocked out the brown shawl and the grey/green shawl. I keep forgetting which pattern is the Nirmilintu and which one is Antraktis.


I finally found my Lopi yarn leftovers, from my Stopover sweater in February. I decided to use this yarn for my Baa-ble hat, since I had it. I did not want to spend more money on yarn before next weekend! I decided on pink for the brim/ribbing, and the lighter green for the cap. I will probably make my sheep grey, since I have that, and wing it on the black, since it's such a small amount of it needed.

Gracie's ear looked so cute here!

And while this may look cute, sometimes it's annoying. I am in the bathroom, and she thinks it's her special petting time, and will head butt me to get what she wants. If I close the door, she acts all hurt and jams her paw under the crack. Sheesh.

As for my guidelines for self care these days, I found this on the internet somewhere, and made a couple of laminated copies to remind me to pay attention to myself. Pretty good advice.



  1. Glad you're safe after the hurricane passed by. We remember Hurricane Isabel and the destruction to trees in DC. I think it was weeks before all the roads were passable again.

  2. So sorry about the storm, but glad you are safe♥

  3. My cats are the same with what should be Me Time behavior. Sigh.

    The shawls have blocked nicely.

  4. Glad you survived Matthew. My cat does the exact same thing!

  5. What a mess you have in your neighborhood, we got off so easy, but who knows about next time. I love that saying, something we should all remember.

  6. I'm so glad your house was spared! That looks pretty scary.
    I really have to dig up my Brickless. Yours is downright inspiring!