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"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Knitting and Other Things

I bought some beautiful yarn from Ellen Odacier and cast on for a beautiful cowl.

I used my new project sleeve, a Christmas gift from a friend, and highlighter tape and I still managed to mess up. I decided the yarn was a bit too bulky for the pattern so ripped it all the way out. While I decide whether to use it to make a Gaptastic cowl or a striped scarf, aka Noro striped scarf, I have gone back to knitting the Guernsey Wrap. Which is probably the project I should work on anyway.

As I was scrolling through my phone photos, I saw this one of hats drying after blocking and couldn't remember if I'd shared it yet. It's a number of hats knit from the Tea Collection, knit in December. Some were gifted and some are in the gift drawer. They were quick and fun to knit and I will definitely revisit the pattern collection.

I also can't remember if I posted about the succulents I gave as gifts, using some demitasse cups I had squirreled away. I think they look adorable, and I hope to do this easy craft again.

I noticed that Clara Parkes is doing a book tour and she'll be at Strand Books on a day I would normally be in New York, but alas, this year I don't have a visit planned for that date. If you go, tell me about it, please. Loop, in Philadelphia, is another place I've visited; it's a very sweet yarn store and I would love to visit it again. They have a great yarn selection and wonderful shop samples too.
Speaking of samples, Stephanie knit this cute little toy; I love the color combo and the simplicity of it, don't you? You can also see some of my decor in this photo: sea glass and sea shells.

Gracie looks so different in each of these pictures, even though they were all taken within one month's time.


Despite her unwillingness to cuddle, she is very attached to me, following me from room to room if I'm gone for very long. Such a sweet, strange cat she is.

Tomorrow and Friday are exam days and the end of the first semester, which means I'll have all new students beginning next Wednesday. It's a busy time, closing out grades and planning for the new semester, but the up side is believing I'll somehow be more successful in the new semester than I was in this one. It's another fresh start is what I'm trying to say, which is one of the benefits of teaching that I really enjoy.

Hope the rest of your week is a good one.


  1. Gracie is a beautiful cat, and they are all strange in their own way.
    I think you'll enjoy the Guernsey Wrap. It is a fun and easy knit. Good TV knitting!
    No new start in middle school Same students, same classes, same schedule. Sigh.

    1. I'm totally enjoying the Guernsey pattern; looks complicated and gorgeous but it's really super easy! And my yarn is lovely. Thank God I'm getting new students, as some of them were jerky. But most were sweet and I'll still see them in the halls so it works out. We all like each other better then, hahaha!

  2. Gracie may settle into being a cuddler yet. My female cat, Marlowe, suddenly became a cuddler last year. This, four years after rescuing her as a baby from the shelter.

    It has been my experience that female cats can often be more aloof and slower to attach. And, studies have also been done regarding cat personalities as they relate to colouring. Grey cats can be...difficult.

    Anyway, enjoy her as herself. She is gorgeous and obviously cares for you in her way.

    1. It's true, she is devoted in her special way. She was 2 1/2 years old when I got her and had been in the shelter for 2 years so she wasn't all that socialized to people. Frankly she's come such a long way from when I first got her, so I'm happy, even though I'd hoped for a more snuggly cat. Just like kids, you have to love who they are, not who you want them to be.

  3. For once, I'm gonna be able to go to one of Clara's book signings, since Loop is right around the corner from my house!

    I love Gracie. She is such a pretty girl, and seems so sweet.

    1. Lucky you! Sweet store and a cute neighborhood! Enjoy!

  4. Have a restful weekend before your new semester starts.