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Monday, November 16, 2015

My Happy Place

I've been knitting like it's my job lately, and as a result, I have some FOs to show you. This is the third hat from the Tea Collection: Chai, in Quince & Co. Puffin, as modeled by my youngest daughter, Melissa. She had a little Grey Gardens thing going on last night but I love the twinkle in her eye! She's been dressing with her own distinct style since she was a 2 year old and these photos really take me back.


This is Hibiscus, done in Misti Alpaca Paints. I haven't blocked it yet, so the lace pattern isn't as pronounced as it will be.

The first one I knit, Everyday Brew, also in Misti Alpaca Paints. Stephanie appropriated it as soon as she saw it, which brings me to my exciting news: she is home from Togo!


It was rather sudden and a bit nerve racking, as she was traveling from Lome', through Paris and Brussels, just ahead of the terrorist attacks. She was flying Friday night, which meant we really didn't know for sure if she was able to leave Europe until we met her at the Norfolk airport on Saturday afternoon!

Thankfully she arrived safe and sound and completely unaware of the tragedy in Paris, as she slept on her layover in the Brussels airport!

She brought back a suitcase full of clothes in gorgeous African prints and colors. Aren't they beautiful?


I've already cast on for Lapsang, using another skein of Puffin. I'm really happy about using so much stash yarn!
I think I was able to knit so much due to a short break on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with a group of friends. I drove down on Friday at noon, and was supposed to stay through Sunday, but instead, I drove home in time to meet Stephanie at the airport on Saturday. Even though my stay was short, it was wonderful, partly due to the friends, and partly due to the gorgeous weather. Just look at that blue sky!

I made time to sit on the beach for an hour before I headed home. As my mom said when I showed her this picture, "the beach is my happy place." So true.

Have a great week and love your life!



  1. SO glad she is home safe, it is scary out there isn't it? Hugs to you,

  2. What a great weekend. The beach and your daughter coming home ahead of the terrorist attack.