Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Monday, September 28, 2015

Found It

We were in the middle of a Nor'easter this weekend, which made it a good weekend to sit tight, but unfortunately, we had a few errands to do, so out we went. My oldest stepdaughter's birthday was Sunday, and she wanted to have a brunch at her house, so Steve and I had to grocery shop for the food we took. I also had scheduled a pedicure for Saturday, using a gift certificate Steve had given me about two months ago. I had meant to do it before the first day of school, but I'm glad I waited, because it felt pretty good getting my feet rubbed after standing on them so much this month.

Speaking of feet, I finally found my footing, school-wise. I'm sure it took no longer than it usually does, but it's always a concern of mine, because unless I feel passionate about teaching, I don't think I could do it. It's just too demanding of a job unless your heart is in it.

While other knitters are working on their Rhinebeck sweaters, I'm almost finished with my All The Shades of Truth wrap, which is going to be my Rhinebeck garment this year. It's pretty much the only thing I've been working on, so unsurprisingly I'm making good progress. The main reason I dug it out of the closet was my concern that garter stitch was the only thing I could focus on and I was tired of dishcloth knitting. Glad I did.

But for now, I have a set or two of tests to grade before I can knit with a clear conscience. Have a good week!



  1. I love the color you chose for your pedicure! And the sandals look nice too - what kind are they?

    I'm sooooo jealous that you are going to Rhinebeck!

    1. Thanks, they are Ecco, pricey but so worth it, with all my past foot issues. I've had them for 2 years now and wear them constantly!

  2. It took me about a month to get things settled at school, too. I have quite a crew this year and come home exhausted!
    BTW, I would rather write IEPs than grade English papers, so you have my sympathy!
    I remember when you started that shawl!

  3. Your toes look great! I am thinking of treating myself to a pedi on Friday. I so wish once again I was going to Rhinebeck, it has been years since I was there.
    Hugs to you,