Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Back At It

I finished up my week of classroom prep, meetings, and in-services, and I'm already discouraged with myself. My personal goal for this school year was to work hard while at school, and then let it go so I could be relaxed enough to enjoy my time at home. I have some work to do if I'm going to be successful. I had headaches most of the week, probably due to the dust and dirt that built up over the summer, and consequently, I was cranky and out of sorts every evening. I know I need some exercise to help me feel better, and yet I was so tired and felt so unwell that I wasn't able to do anything but sit on the couch. That has to change.

Look what a friend made me for my classroom:

I think it's so pretty! I hung it in my desk area so it's safe from accidental damage. As usual, I changed a few things around this year. I wasn't completely finished at the time of this photo, but it's close. The pink bulletin board is a sheet I bought at the thrift store and cut to fit. It's a little busier than usual, but I really liked the brightness of it. Once I put student work over it, I think it'll be okay, but if not, I can always change it out.

Other than my Snoopy flag, which I have used for over fifteen years, I haven't put much up on the walls yet, which is also a departure for me. I decided to focus on being prepared for the first week of classes to minimize my stress level, and that was a good decision. The decorating can evolve at a slower pace; after all, it's not that difficult to hot glue my posters to the walls, and maybe if I put them up a few at a time, the students might notice them more. It's worth a try.

My co-teacher, Terri, spent the summer in Nevada, and on a trip to California, visited a yarn store solely to buy me a skein of yarn! She isn't a knitter so she told the shop owner to pick out something I'd love and they suggested this gorgeous skein. I love it! We co-taught two inclusion classes of juniors last year and are doing it again this year, something we are both super excited about because we work so well together.

I am hoping to spend the weekend resting and getting some exercise, so I can start off the year with lots of energy. I want to get to the beach and play a little tennis, but I'm not sure the weather is going to cooperate, so I may need to figure something else out.

Hope your weekend is a good one!



  1. Wow that yarn is a gorgeous color! Looks like you are as ready as you can be, so enjoy this weekend as much as possible!

  2. Your room looks great! I am so not into decorating my classroom. Luckily I share with another special ed teacher and she loves it!

    We had classes last week in 90-degree weather and no AC. It was challenging! My kids this year are super hard. A number are homeless kids from Chicago; families are fleeing the increasing crime there.

    1. Sounds rough! Hope you're doing better this week.

  3. Your room looks great, glad you are ready to go. How thoughtful of your friend, that is gorgeous Malabrigo yarn.

  4. Gorgeous yarn. It looks like Bing cherries.

    Do you not ever sit at your desk? It looks pushed up against the wall. My desk was always Command Post One. I taught from a lectern (or wandering), but still needed my desk.

    I think your bulletin board cover is great! Once it is anchored with student work, interesting items, pictures, etc., that fabric will recede a little.

    So sorry for your headaches. It's just Refiring The Engine. I remember it well. Stay hydrated, avoid lots of sugar, eat healthily. Give yourself a break.


    1. Thanks, Nance. I agree the headaches came from under hydrating on top of new routine. I am focusing on water and salads and am feeling better this week, albeit overwhelmed as usual. And yes, I definitely sit at the desk when I can, as well as a chair in the front of the class room. Thanks for your positive comments! More on this later.