Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Good Intentions

You know when you want to do something but you have a small voice inside your head saying that maybe the time isn't right? I wanted to see my daughter and even though little obstacles were placed in my path, I ignored them and plowed right up the Northeast Regional line to have my visit. And although it is always, always wonderful to visit my daughter, it really wasn't the best time slot for either of us and the stress got to us both. I made her stressed out during an already stressful time of grad school, working, and living in a small Brooklyn apartment during the gray days of February and I made myself sick in the process.

I'm on the return trip now and I have to be at the hospital at 5:30 a.m. for my mom's outpatient surgery, and then I have two days of school left in which to close out grades for the first term. And no leave left for the remainder of the school year, should I get sick. Probably could have picked a better time, wouldn't you say?

I put all this in here so that I would give a more balanced account of what was still a good enough trip; good enough in that I got to sit and knit with and talk to my daughter, and that was good. And hugging her was even better.

She won't allow me to photograph her very much and I didn't even try at all on this trip, but I will show off some of the beautiful places she walked with me, mostly in Prospect Park on Sunday. Such beauty so close to such grey, dirty streets is breathtaking.

And here is a selfie of me in front of Purl Soho on Monday while Meredith was at work.

A hat that Meredith whipped up out of the gift skein I brought her:

And the Monkey sock I finished, Kitchener stitched, ripped back, and re-Kitchenered. Painful, but worth it.

And sweet Sinon, lounging while we knit.

All in all, a good enough trip.



  1. Finally getting caught up on my blog reading. Lovely pictures of snow--not that I feel in love with the stuff at this point. I've never been to NYC, other than to drive through on the way from DC to the Canadian border. My dream is to visit Purl Soho!

  2. I so understand the anticipation of seeing one's daughter. Some trips are better than others -- but time with children is always worthwhile!