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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Snapshots

We had a marvelous Christmas, full of family and friends and food. In no particular order, here are some snapshots of the last three days.
Gracie has come so far from the scared shelter cat she was in January; here she is checking out the interesting smells under our tree, even though lots of people were in the same room! I use maps and grocery bags for wrapping paper now; I gave up buying wrapping paper about three years ago and I'm never going back. It seemed like such a waste of money, and although it may not be everyone's cup of tea, we like it.
I lucked into a great thrift find for Melissa; an old manual typewriter for less than $5! She's wanted one for years.
Our St. Stephen's Day feast; when we had all the kids over to eat and open gifts.
Christmas Eve, we stopped into the restaurant/bar where Melissa works, before going to the candlelight service at the church across the street.

A montage of some of our decorations.

A beautiful picture of my youthful parents with Melissa on Christmas Day. I really missed having Meredith home this year, but she was in upstate New York with her in-laws.

One of the succulent gardens that Melissa made for gifts this year. I had my girls make their gifts all through their childhood and I am beyond thrilled that they still keep up the tradition.

My niece, trying to nap at my parents' after Christmas breakfast.

Melissa, with the hat I knit for her.


Lindsay, with the gorgeous scarf Stephanie knit for her. She has adopted our handmade gift philosophy.

Melissa thrilled with the hat Stephanie made for her.

All the kids plus a few extra.

Hope you all had a wonderful, messy, relaxing Christmas, and continue to enjoy the upcoming week.


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  1. Rose, looks like you all had a wonderful time. Hugs to you and Happy 2014.