Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rainy Days

We are on our seventh straight day of rain around here. A couple of days the rain was so heavy for so long that it was a bit unnerving, but it's mostly just drizzling now. I think it's supposed to end Monday or Tuesday, which will be nice. I'm missing those gloriously blue October skies.

My school is still recovering from the terrible loss of a young teacher, but the upside is that we've all been just a bit kinder to each other. I'm hoping that spirit continues throughout the year.

I'm looking forward to my trip to Brooklyn this Friday, and then our trip up to Rhinebeck. This will be my third time and I'm super excited, as both my daughters are going with me; even though Melissa isn't a knitter, she is a lover of craft and I'm sure she'll enjoy herself just as much as Meredith and I do.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on the Tidal sweater, hoping to finish by Saturday, but enjoying the process regardless.

In teaching news, I am enjoying teaching tenth graders even more than ninth graders and I really love having many of the same students I taught last year. It created a comfortable and relaxed environment much more quickly, which I have absolutely loved. A new routine I started this year was using quotes as journal prompts in the beginning of every class. We briefly discuss what the quote may or may not mean, and then the students must write a response. I've used quotes by authors, historians, scientists, and philosophers, as well as quotes I've found on Pinterest, and it has been incredibly enlightening for me. I'm amazed at how honestly and earnestly my students respond, and I've loved having this window into their minds and lives. It's an activity I plan to keep using.


I'll leave you with some photos of Gracie, doing what she does best; looking adorable:


And Melissa, modeling a sash she made for a friend's going away party:



I love watching her create. She's always so happy doing it. And of course, Gracie was keeping a close watch on us both!

Hope your week is a joyful one!



  1. Have a wonderful trip, I believe this is the third year in a row I have missed Rhinebeck, maybe next year?
    Hugs to you and have fun with your wonderful daughters.

  2. Have fun at Rhinebeck. I won't be going this year. Make sure you show us what you come home with ;)

  3. Enjoy Rhinebeck for me, I will be looking forward to seeing all the Goodies!