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Sunday, October 27, 2013

After Rhinebeck

I kept comparing waiting to see Meredith and going to Rhinebeck with her as my Christmas gift to myself, and now it feels like the day after Christmas. It all went by so fast. I loved my time with my daughters, the weather was fantastic, Rhinebeck was wonderful, and I even had time to see a friend who lives in Manhattan, but now that it's over, there is a bit of a let down feeling.

Oh well, luckily I have plenty of papers to grade. But first, let me share a few more photos from my trip.





Everything is grouped by three because I was shopping for two friends as well as myself. Have to say I love the Lisa Souza colors and the price was very reasonable! Hope I enjoy knitting with it, though I'm sure I will. I also bought some Cephalopod yarn which looked lovely, and some Melissa Jean buttons and stitch markers. I could have done some serious damage in her booth, as everything was so pretty!

I bought the goats milk soaps as I intended, and I also bought some Green Mountain Spinnery yarns, even though I haven't used the ones I already have in my stash; however, since Christmas knitting is beginning soon, I plan on rectifying that situation very soon. Oh, and I think I bought something from Hope Spinnery too. The one purchase I didn't make that I had planned on, was the Miss Babs yarn; I know it has great reviews, but I thought Lisa Souza's yarn was just as lovely and much cheaper. I passed on the Seacolors yarn again, but I am putting it first on my list for the next trip, because I have been tempted every year but for some reason have never bought any. They have the one of the prettiest booths, but I think I must hit their barn first and I'm afraid of buying too early. Or something.

That's it for my Rhinebeck report. Have a good week.

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  1. I sort of know how you feel, I haven't been back to Rhinebeck for several years Iand I still feel the let down. Now I did not go with two adorable daughters, so you have me on that one. Lovely finds, that will help!