Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Forward

I celebrated DST by walking to the beach on Sunday. It was beautiful, as you can see, with the temperature around sixty degrees.
I love the dune grass against the blue sky.

And the white of the waves splashing in the foreground, and a sailboat further out on the Bay.

To prepare for the work week, I bought a large container of Greek yogurt and divided it up into six small Mason jars, with honey on the bottom. Then I packed two larger jars with a mixture of almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and dried cranberries, to keep at work. Now, each morning I can just grab and go, for a fraction of the cost of stopping at Starbucks and picking up one of theirs.

And just to keep with the new theme, here's Gracie, lounging on the fleece throw I made last Christmas. She looks a little annoyed for some reason, doesn't she? I think she's tired of me taking so many pictures of her.



  1. I think celebrities often feel annoyed by all the photographers that follow them around, Gracie is no exception.

  2. You might turn me into a cat person yet! I'm finally catching up on blog reading post-move. We can only dream of such lovely weather here on Lake Ontario.

  3. That's a great idea for the yogurt cups, and it's probably healthier!

    I'm not liking DST. It's messing with my sleep. I don't mind the evening hours being lighter, but for whatever reason, I have a hard time adjusting and I don't know why!

  4. Mereknits is correct. To Gracie, you're just paparazzi. My girly cat, Marlowe, was victimized by a flash ONE TIME, and she has never forgotten it. Or forgiven me. She is now a most reclusive subject.

  5. I do the yogurt thing, too. It is so fast in the morning.

    We are watching Game of Thrones. It does have a cast of thousands, and I don't think I could keep track of it on audio.