Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The M Word

So, it appears my yarn has been a buffet for the moths. After noticing some fluttering going on in the sunroom, I broke down and looked closely at my yarn collection, and lo and behold, the moths had been hard at work. I now have the garage freezer completely stuffed full of yarn and the house freezer is holding the overflow.


Luckily, Steve is quite understanding of the situation. I was hoping to spread it all out on the deck in the sunshine this weekend so I could refreeze it all, but Hurricane Sandy has another idea. So the yarn will stay safely frozen until next weekend. Boy, I have a lot of wool.

Meanwhile, I'm knitting up a luscious skein of The Spun Monkey yarn I bought from Madison Wool on my last visit to Connecticut. I'm making another Wingspan shawl, since it makes for good hospital waiting room knitting. My former mother in law has been in the hospital all week and I've been visiting her every night after getting off work.

The iPad camera and crappy lighting doesn't do this yarn justice, but I'm too lazy to take a real photo just now. Imagine a rich, tonal purple with flecks of silver. I think it'll be a beautiful shawl, but as usual, I've no idea who the recipient will be. It's the knitting, people.

In school news, every student in my transition class (students at high risk for dropping out of school) passed their test on The Odyssey! I am so excited and happy for them!


  1. They passed because you are an amazing, dedicated and passionate teacher. Good for you! SO sorry about the yarn/moths/freezer situation.
    Hugs and Happy Weekend,

  2. Ack!! Sorry about the infestation.