Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Monday, October 17, 2011

Family Fish Fry

We went to a fish fry with some of my family on Sunday; it was lovely and delicious!

My youngest daughter, my niece, and my sister:

My mom and dad:
For some reason, Stephen didn't want his picture taken!

Although things are calming down a bit, I haven't quite caught my breath. After finding a simple fix for the air conditioner, we had a plumbing calamity. In one of those lucky coincidences, we had $200 budgeted for home expenses still tucked away and the plumber charged $189. I consider that lucky at this stage of life, don't you?

It was great to get back to my students today, even though I have quite a few papers to grade before I catch up. But that's okay; it's only Monday.


  1. We're having home disasters, too. The basement got fixed but there is water still coming in where the drive is cracked. I could cry.

    Glad you got a day out with your peeps.

  2. A fish fry sounds like a fun way to spend time with the family. And easy on the cooks, too.

    Smart you to have exactly enough squirrelled away for the emergency.

  3. Your parents look so young! And less than $200 for a plumbing fix is pretty good. I once bartered some home-baked goods for a home repair.