Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Feeling Lucky!

While I was down, but not out, I won a beautiful print from Lene, over at The Seated View! Pretty cool, huh?

I forgot that knitting while taking pain meds is not usually a good idea; consequently, the start I made on a baby sweater ended up being ripped back. Not a big loss, really, as I hadn't gotten very far. Now instead of striping the sweater, I've decided to do a sort of color block thing. Mere titled it Greensleeves, and as soon as I make enough progress on it, I'll post a photo. Another thing that's kind of cool is how quickly a six month size knits up. Then I promise myself that I'm going to finish something from the unfinished projects bag. Anything. That shouldn't be a hard task, but as I've already had some clarity problems, I'm a little hesitant to mess anything else up.

Today is the first day of school, in that the students show up today. It's going to be so weird to be out of the loop the first week of school, but I'm sure I'll feel a part of it all quickly enough. One of the things I'm going to try next week with my gifted SOL Prep class is going to be the Six-Word Memoir project. I think the students will find those interesting. I'll have to try one of my own too, to make it a more authentic assignment, but I'll have to wait until my brain unfogs itself. Or maybe do one fogged/drugged and one unfogged? Want to bet which one will be funnier?

I go back to the doctor today for my post op appointment and my first look at the incision. I think I'm doing really well, just feeling a little pain. I'm hoping to enjoy the remainder of this week, resting up, reading, and knitting. And thinking about how I'll look back on this in a couple of weeks, wishing I was back on the couch with no responsibilities and . . . . . .


  1. I'm so happy that you're healing well. I can relate to the fogginess while knitting. The results are occasionally hilarious. Hope the dr visit tells you only good things.

  2. Good luck at your appointment. Wishing you healing thoughts.

  3. Sounds like you're turning the corner. What's an SOL class? Just wondering...

  4. SOL stands for Standards of Learning, Virginia's standardized tests that are linked to federal funding. Like end of course tests. But the SOL Prep class I'm teaching this year isn't really for that purpose, as I'm teaching gifted students, so I'm supposed to go way beyond the minimum standards, which means I have a lot of room for creativity that may or may not be linked to proscribed state content.