Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Almost At The End (of summer)

The sunflowers were so beautiful this summer.


But the heat, rain, and squirrels finished them off, so we finally cut them all down.

I pulled this cake stand out of my china cabinet and have been using it as a fruit stand instead. I didn't plan on matching the tablecloth to the lemons and limes, but snapped a picture when I realized it. I've got pears and peaches now, but no photo.

Making progress on my Imagine When shawl, most of it knit on the beach. Knitting is wonderful that way. Whenever I wear this one, I'll remember that Meredith gave me the yarn for pet sitting, which will remind me of all the things I saw in New York, and how much of it was knit on the beach. So many memories knit into one item.

Speaking of the beach, we have enjoyed a long streak of gorgeous weather: low humidity, cooler temperatures, and crystal clear water. We had our AC off and windows open for a full week. In August!

A friend brought her paddle board over one day and that's my youngest daughter on the left, getting a lesson. She did a great job on it! I've wanted one since last summer and I'm looking on Craigslist for a good end of the season deal.

I also scored a copy of this book at the library last week and I'm almost finished with it; it's definitely a gripping story. I'm slowing down now to stretch it out; it's one of those books you want to rush through but also don't want to finish, if that makes sense.

I took another selfie, to remind myself how much better I look when I'm relaxed and stress-free.

I should take lessons from Gracie, who seems to have her priorities straight.


Three different days, three different naps.

The life of a cat, eh?



  1. You really have had a magical summer. Those pictures are all stunning. And you look fabulous! The New York Times had a story today about how people are happier after more relaxing vacations -- as opposed to busy ones -- and I think you did this summer perfectly!

  2. Sounds like you have had a perfect summer. and I love your shawl so far, such beautiful colors!

    Needless to say, Gracie pictures are ALWAYS good. :-)

  3. Stand Up Paddleboards are all the rage here at the lake this summer. And candy-coloured kayaks, which seem to be everywhere. The SUPs look so surreal, especially when the lake is flat and still.

    Gracie is having the same summer as Piper and Marlowe are, minus a few car trips (which they detest). I hope you have knitted this summer tightly into more than a few projects that you will wear this school year, and that they will help you have a more relaxed 2015-2016 with your students.

  4. Love all your pictures - the shawl, beach, Gracie