Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Saturday in Spring

This week was a long one; the foreshadowing of it came early Tuesday morning when the alarm went off and I could have sworn it was Saturday morning. But the week eventually ended, on a rainy, grey Friday, that was filled with practice tests and seat work. Boring for the students but necessary for me for a change of pace that fit the weather. I went to bed at 9 p.m. and slept for twelve hours.

Today was cool but beautifully sunny, and I I spent most of it with my daughter, Melissa, wandering around an area of Norfolk that I love, leisurely drinking coffee and talking with each other. Although I miss the years my girls were little and lived with me, it's a wonderful gift to be adult friends with one another. We spent part of our time at the phone store, upgrading our phones and lowering my phone bill, an errand that was long overdue.

I was able to knit some as well, turning this gorgeous yarn into a shawlette,

although this is as far as I've gotten.

But I love the yarn; the color is called Tuscany, and I can see the purple and green of the Tuscan vineyards in it, can't you?


And thankfully, the spring bulbs are blooming, even though the flower beds need some cleaning up, as the winter has left them looking brown and bedraggled.

I also finished the latest Anne Lamott book, Small Victories. I love all of her essays; they are so accessible and yet so profound that I always feel the need to read them at least twice. I own most of her books and although I borrowed this one from the library, I will probably end up buying a copy, so I can read it again later on. She seems to get better and better.

Hope your area is feeling spring-like!


  1. Our spring started the same as yours - and today we even have wind chills!

    That is gorgeous yarn - I can't wait to see the FO.

    I am a big fan of Anne Lamott, and had the chance to see/hear her in person last November at our library. She was just as engaging in person as she is in her books. It was one of the best things ever.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! (and give Gracie a pat from me!)

    1. Thanks for your comment; I read your blog and saw you had a fall much like mine! Glad you are doing better and I've now bookmarked your blog so I can keep up!

  2. Your yarn also looks like a muted version of your bulb garden.

    Spring is so very slow to come here to NEO. We are, as usual, up and down in March. My father used to call it Women's Weather because it always changed its mind. He was a legendary chauvinist, but all three of his daughters called him out on it continually.

    I miss my boys (now 27 and 30) being little every once in a while as well. They were wonderful cuddlers, and although they are both still very affectionate, there is little else as lovely as snuggling with toddlers who can nestle down into a small space and then look up at you with utter devotion and charm.

    Sigh. That was a very long time ago.

    1. Oh, Nance, I miss that time so much, I just try and look at the positives of grown up children. I rarely look at the pictures from when they are little because it makes me so sad. And I loved their little high pitched voices so much too!

      I bet the reason I chose this yarn was because my subconscious knew they were spring colors!

  3. Rose, so glad you got to spend a nice amount of time with your daughter. I mourn each stage of development when my kids moved through them, I was never ready for them to grow up and I still not. Love that yarn,

    1. Thank you Mere! It is so bittersweet, watching them grow up. I'm so proud of my girls but I so miss the times we had when they were young and at home. In some ways, the feeling of loss never leaves me. And yet, this is the way of life. Thanks for commenting!