Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Sunday, September 21, 2014


The state of my knitting is bordering on ridiculous. I have ten projects languishing, some of them so close to finished I have no idea why I haven't completed them.

This sweater was blocked and ready to be seamed when I realized I made an error; I haven't touched it since May.

I have only the bind off to do on this Hitchhiker shawl, so I can knock that out now.

I think all that needs done on this pair of handwarmers is seaming the ruffle on one of the pair, but since I decided I don't love them, I've stalled out.

Same with this pair.

One Monkey sock done, one to go.

Only thumbs remain on this pair of mittens, so that's next.

Not sure I've gotten much further than what this picture shows, so I need to unearth it.

And this cowl has gone by the wayside for no real reason, except maybe the glaring error?

Started this shawl for my cousin, then realized it wouldn't be as warm as she requested it be, so here it sits. Plus, I changed my mind about the pattern. Frog pond, here it comes.

This one is the alternate shawl and it's two-thirds complete but it's a fairly boring knit so I've run out of steam. As it's a deadline project though, I'll need to buckle down fairly soon.

As I have been laid low all weekend with the upper respiratory virus that's been going around, I've not gotten any knitting done since Thursday. Oh, and if that wasn't enough, I have a nasty case of poison ivy that's been driving me nuts. This weekend officially sucked.

So, what have you been knitting?



  1. ohhhh so sorry. Colds stink and poison Ivy does too. This week should be much better. I m very much like you; if I make a knit mistake it often signals the end of my interest in THAT!

  2. Yes our family has had a virus for the last 3 weeks. My daughter and I are getting better but my son is still suffering. Maybe you should have a day of seeing what projects you want to continue knitting on and ripping out ones that you dont love. Time is too short to waste on knitting projects you dont love and that yarn could be knit into something you do love. Hope you feel better soon too.