Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gracie Girl

Thank you everyone, for your encouragement about Gracie. She is still scared, but showing gradual improvement. She spent some time in the cat cave I made for her out of felt and polar fleece, pattern link here, she's allowed me to pet her a bit, and she's done a little exploring when we aren't around, but she has spent the majority of her time under the bed. This morning, Steve and I went out for coffee and scones, and when we came back, I couldn't find Gracie. Turns out, she was in the sunroom, under the couch. Feels like progress to me! I'm sure I'll have to leave the house so she can make her way back to her room, but that's okay. Baby steps.




  1. OMG! What an adorable kitten. One of our cats is very shy. She'll get braver with time.

    Or, like our cat, she'll be shy of everyone except her owner, you, who will be lavished with love!

  2. Gracie's just beautiful. It does take time with some kitties. Our Kylie cat spent her first two months with us either under the bed or behind the sofa, barely eating and definitely not grooming herself. She slowly came out of her shell and eventually became a lap cat who loved watching football with my husband! Good luck.

    1. Should I push her to interact with me, or just leave her be? I've had advice both ways!