Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Monday, April 23, 2012


I enjoyed and appreciated the comments on my last post about why you knit.  I started knitting when I developed high blood pressure; I have always enjoyed crafting (sewing, cross stitching, etc.), so when I read that knitting was a way to simulate meditation and therefore could help lower one's blood pressure, I was sold.  I never was able to stop taking the medication, but I became passionate about knitting anyway.  It really helps me relax and I love the connection to an age old craft.  Plus it's so portable and tactile. 

This past weekend was the first one since February that I truly had nothing to do. The gifted class took a lot of energy; even when I wasn't actively working on it, it weighed heavily on me. And as soon as it was over, it was spring break and I had numerous things to do before I left town. The weather was glorious on Saturday, and Steve and I spent some time at the garden center and our yard. It rained all day on Sunday, which meant I spent the majority of it inside on the couch. I roasted a chicken for dinner, took a nap while it was in the oven, and spent the rest of the day reading and plaing games on my iPad. Isn't it funny how industrious one feels with a chicken roasting in the oven? It's the easiest thing in the world to do and yet I always feel so wifely doing it. Odd word, but I can't really think of an appropriate synonym, can you?

I watched Masterpiece last night and almost finished the baby sweater.  I would have been done, except I had to rip out the button hole band; I hadn't picked up enough stitches and it was pulling in an unattractive way, so I ripped and redid it.  Tonight will be buttons and blocking, then back to the Hitchhiker!

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  1. I missed the why I knit post, so I will tell you straight out, because it keeps me sane, it is cheaper then a therapist and it gives me something to do that is all mine in a household of males.