Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Monday, March 15, 2010

More Tree Photos

I know I showed some of the tree photos yesterday, but here's the view from the other sidewalk, the one that actually gets the most foot traffic. Is it any wonder we had complaints?
It was one of those things where every so often one of us would say "We really need to take care of that." and then that would be the end of it. You'd think that after I came home one night to find a man in a sleeping bag underneath it, we'd have felt some urgency to clear it out, but no, we didn't. It's done now though.

I don't know why I hate pruning trees and shrubs. I'd really like to leave everything natural, but it just doesn't work that way on a suburban lot.
Next in line for a pruning is our russian olive bush. It took a beating in the nor'easter and Steve's been dying to start in on it, so it won't be long.

On the knitting side of things, I took my Saroyan shawl into work today so my lunch group could see a finished product for a change. Steve wanted to mail it to my sister-in-law today, but I wouldn't let him until I showed it off. I think I'm feeling kind of selfish about it, but I would never wear it, so off it goes. As I said before, she's a knitter, so I know she'll appreciate it.
And fourteen more school days until spring break, but who's counting??


  1. A homeless guy? Yeah, I can see why you'd leave the tree for him. Guess the tree gave him privacy and some warmth.
    Good news on the shawl. I know how you feel - best send it off quick. Lots of socks get mailed off from many can one person use?

    We've just finished spring break here. And finished the weekend with a return to daylight saving time. Seems so early it took everyone by surprise!

  2. I have next week off for moving, but that's work, right? Doesn't count.

    It's good you shipped the shawl off. Otherwise, it would sit on your sofa collecting dust. You're a kind soul to knit for another knitter. You know how we love to get hand knits!

  3. So glad it wasn't too hard to take that tree down - looks great! we live on 5 acres and i really only enjoy fruit and veggie gardening and i don't really enjoy weeding either so our property is usually a mess. Love that you were strong enough to give that shawl away - add knitter recently gave one of these to leslie (friend to knit with) and i've been drooling over it ever since. i want to make one now.

    Thanks so much for the blogger award - you are the best! I accept and I will write a post soon - hopefully tomorrow! so fun to learn all those things about you - I want to own a knitting and book store too! and i love the story about how you and your husband met and that your kids already knew each other - small world, even with the internet!