Mary Oliver

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Daylight Savings Time is Not My Favorite Time

I don't like change.  I especially don't like the weekend we change over to daylight savings time, no matter how many people tell me it means we get more daylight.  I am of the mindset that "cutting an hour off one end of the day and sewing it on the other end of the day" doesn't change a thing, and only serves to make many of us cranky, me among them.

So, I slept late this morning, and then spent a few hours in bed reading, now I'm in my favorite coffee shop, browsing blogs, Twitter, and Instagram, and drinking coffee, before I wander over to the Slover library for more books.  I've really been on a reading binge lately and while I love that I'm reading more, it means I haven't been doing much else.  My house is pretty messy, my Apple Cider Donut sweater is still unfinished, although I am ready to start the sleeves, and there are numerous other projects I want to do that are still undone.  Still, the cold weather is a good time for reading, so I'm going to embrace it while I can.  I seem to remember lamenting the fact that I wasn't reading enough not that long ago.  Apparently,questioning whether or not I'm using my time wisely is a constant comcern of mine.  At least Gracie is happy when I stay home and read.  She climbed right up on my lap, as usual.




I did manage to walk a bit yesterday, despite the cold and gloom.  I was visiting a friend who is recovering from knee replacement surgery and we decided to drive to the beach; we went to Back Bay National Wildlife Reserve, which is not too far from his house.
I'd really like to go there again, when Mike can walk for longer distances and I won't freeze in the damp cold.  I am really ready for some spring temperatures.  Peace and joy to you, from this mildly cranky blogger.    


  1. I do not like the time change, either. I ended up missing my sketching group today because I fell asleep and missed it (1 to 3 p.m.) Very frustrating!
    It's impossible to find the right mixture of reading, socializing and crafting, I find.
    You are welcome to visit any time!!!

  2. I am not a fan of the time change either. It is all okay on Sunday but come Monday we are all completely worn out and the kids I work with will be a mess. Have a great week and enjoy your reading.

  3. The time change does not usually bother/impact me...but this year it did. I've just felt "off" all week. And it's cold!! Despite the first day of Spring next week....