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Monday, July 22, 2013

New York, Part 2

I've been remiss in posting the rest of my New York pictures, and I've already been to Philadelphia and back! So here they are, although they aren't in exact chronological order.


The World Trade Center Tower in fog, as seen from Chinatown; this was the only day during my stay when it wasn't sunny, and I think it looks really cool.


A very cool store in Manhattan; I just loved the colors here, plus they gave me a free cotton bag!

High Line view again, because it was another day and this scene reminded me of London somehow.



The Empire State Building seemed to be visible from so many places, and I just loved the different scenes it seemed to pop up in.


Not sure why I loved this place so much, but I did. Yummy.




This scene in a West Side dry cleaners' window just entranced me, maybe because I knew my girls would have loved seeing it!


Poor Ollie, she never wanted to walk, but I made her. You can see the reluctance in her eyes, can't you?


Financial District art, but I never researched the artist.


Brooklyn Flea was fun, as always. I love, love, love this potter, but didn't buy a thing. One day.

Boy, if I had had $250 to blow, this would be hanging in my kitchen. I adore this piece!

And these chairs!

I did buy a doughnut from the amazing company, Dough. Oh my, it was incredible! I had a blood orange one, and I don't even know which one Lori bought because I couldn't take my eyes off of mine! Sad, isn't it?

A shaved ice from People's Pops was a refreshing treat. Such interesting flavors they had, and I loved watching the old fashioned ice shaver.

Eating breakfast on a drum in a Brooklyn shop was a first for me.

Yarn bombing!


Music on the High Line.

Knitting on the High Line! She was pretty excited to talk to Lori and I, although her husband seemed bemused (or bored) by the three of us.

More High Line musicians.

Sinon, The Zen Master, at home.

La Casita, in Brooklyn. They were so very nice to us, after we finally located their shop. I want this cushion cover in my house!

Brooklyn General is always on my list and they never disappoint.

Lori's first visit to Purl Soho was every bit as exciting as my first visit there!

She and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and back on a beautiful Saturday evening.


Loved this area of Brooklyn; this building was across the street from Habana Outpost,

which is where I ate chicken and waffle on a stick and an ear of the best corn I've ever tasted. And then returned with Meredith and Ryan for my last dinner in New York.

It's an all solar powered restaurant and everything was delicious!

Tired Ollie after another walk.

I decided to visit the Metropolitan Art Museum on my last full day alone, and ate lunch on the rooftop. The tea cost $6 but the view made it worthwhile.




This was the exhibit that made Meredith want to be an archeologist for the longest time, when she was a little girl. The exhibit is in an amazing space.



Back in Brooklyn for some graffiti.

Lunch at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge with the newlyweds, the day before my departure.




It was an amazing time and I hope they take an anniversary trip every year! Can't wait to visit again.

Next up, my Philadelphia trip. Hope you are enjoying your summer!


  1. I so enjoyed this post. I've only driven (as quickly as possible) through NY City on my way north, never had time to visit. Now I REALLY wish I could get there!

    1. Thanks so much! I worried that these last few posts would be boring, but posted anyway. Glad you liked it, and as I'm sure you could tell, I adore NYC, especially the out of the way spots.

  2. Mmmmm...rhubarb tarragon. I'll bet that would make a lovely martini flavor.

    1. Nance, that sounds like a great idea for a drink flavor. If you try it, let me know!

  3. What a great trip!

    I think my fav photo is the Barbies. I love them and so does my daughter! The food looks amazing. I think I'd gain 10 pounds if I spent a week in New York. And the Met! Someday I'll get there.

    So sorry I missed you on my way back from Spain!